July 9, 2016


May 1999

A task force of community leaders including our local Family Court Judge, Juvenile Probation Officers, the District Attorney’s Office, local law enforcement officials, local school officials, and social service agencies formed the Safe Schools Task Force. The task force met bi-weekly over the summer to consider ways to maintain our excellent safe school record and maintain a safe community for our young people.

October 1999

The LINC Program was developed by the task force and a coordinator was hired. The task force recognized that to really have an impact on juvenile crime and violence, everyone involved would have to work together to ensure success. The LINC Program became a means of connecting people to services prior to a child’s involvement in criminal activity.

February 2002

As a natural progression to enhance the program and open new doors for funding, the LINC Program incorporated as a non-profit agency.


The LINC Program updated its mission and changed its name to Family Links to better reflect all of the services we offer.

2007 – Present

The original task force’s vision of a comprehensive approach to addressing potential juvenile crime and violence has solidified and grown. Family Links provides services for at-risk youth through our five core programs: Parent Project, LINC ID, WhyTry, The Success Academy and Early Childhood STEP

Family Links is funded in part by:

Sheriff’s Office Discretionary Funds, Department of Youth Services, Sam’s Club Foundation, Kiwanis Club, Private Donations and Fundraising.

Family Links also receives funds from United Way for counseling services.