July 9, 2016


Parent Project
A ten week course for parents of strong-willed or “out of control” children and adolescents. The class is offered in a group setting for both parent and child. Other services are offered in addition to this program.

A celebration of youth leadership. This is an incentives program for youth who lead a drug-free and violence-free lifestyle. Participants who pledge to be drug and alcohol free receive support and benefits from the community.

The WhyTry Program is a strength-based approach to helping youth overcome their challenges and improve outcomes in the areas of truancy, behavior, and academics. It is based on sound, empirical principles, including Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Social and Emotional Intelligence, and multi-sensory learning. The mission is to help people achieve opportunity, freedom, and self-respect using education and interventions that motivate and create positive change. We offer hope and an answer to the question “Why Try in life?”

The Success Academy
Educational and therapeutic safety net to prevent juvenile offenders from being committed to the Department of Youth Services. This program includes academic remediation and school credit recovery. Individual and group counseling services are also provided to all youth attending the Success Academy.

Early Childhood STEP
The Early Childhood STEP program provides a framework for understanding young children’s ever changing needs, capabilities, development, and behavior.  Family Links trainers help parents with understanding young children and understanding young children’s behavior, building self-esteem in the early years, communicating with young children, effective discipline, nurturing emotional and social development.